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New VideoHow to Block in a Portrait

New VideoHow to Block in a Portrait

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Scott Waddell is an artist that Im just getting to know, but his expertise and skills speak for themselves. Hes a classically trained painter who studied at the Florence Academy of Art as well as the Waterstreet Atelier with Jacob Collins, and he currently teaches at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York City.

Waddells fine art is predominately focused on portraiture and fine art narratives. Recently he created a series of webisodes on the portrait painting process. Watching Scott work and discuss his process as he actually draws was really helpful to me as a viewer. Take a look at the first webisode, which covers how to block in a portrait in graphite on paper. Enjoy!

Watch the video: The Daily Yupari. Very Simple Portrait Underpainting new microphone (June 2022).


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