Make a Splash with Seascapes in Pastel

Make a Splash with Seascapes in Pastel

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Explore. Dream. Discover…Pastel Seascapes!

Ahh, the beauty of seascapes. Anyone who has encountered the ocean understands its significant power—as a force of nature, a producer of calm, a trigger of contemplation and a source of inspiration to artists of all sorts.

Happily for those of us who live farther inland, this power to transfix and inspire isn’t limited to salt water. Whether it’s a mighty river or a Great Lake, a quiet pond or a meandering creek, all bodies of water seem to invite meditation and creative motivation.

In the August 2017 issue of Pastel Journal, you’ll discover a variety of artists, each of whom offers a unique vision—from dazzling descriptions of sunlight on water to poetic depictions of rocky shorelines and crashing waves.

These are expressions that illustrate an interesting dualism in the nature of water, which—depending on the setting and environment—can lead to serenity in some instances and other times can stir the soul.

Enjoy a sampling of the featured artists’ work below, which include pastel seascapes and other bodies of water, and then read the August issue for more incredible art and also tons of pastel tips, instruction, interviews and more!

And in case that’s not enough seascapes for you (because can it ever be enough, really?), Liz Haywood-Sullivan shares her technique for painting waves from her video, “Landscape Painting in Pastel: Summer Waves,” available at ArtistsNetwork.tv.

Watch the video: Sunset Seascape. Soft Pastel Drawing Time Lapse (June 2022).


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